PithosA native pandora client for Linux

Pithos is a native Pandora Radio client for Linux. It’s much more lightweight than the Pandora.com web client, and integrates with desktop features such as media keys, notifications, and the sound menu.


We are happy to announce the release of Pithos 1.0.0! This is a huge release for the project. There are many new features, including a redesigned UI and icon. We hope you like it! Pithos 1.0.0 requires GTK 3.10+ (Ubuntu 14.04). The release will be available via RPMFusion shortly. See below for installation instructions.


Pithos screenshot


Not yet implemented



sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pithos/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pithos


First add the RPMFusion repos. Then:

sudo yum install pithos

Installing from source

Please read the wiki for information on installing from source.


Why the name “Pithos”?

The original Pandora myth used the word “pithos”, which was mistranslated to “box”;. Similarly, a flash applet is a mistranslation to the Linux platform.

What does Pithos mean for Pandora?

To support Pandora Media Inc., we recommend subscribing to Pandora One.

Creative Commons License
Pithos is not affiliated with or endorsed by Pandora Media, Inc.